WRAC Executive Positions

Duties of the Executive Members


  1. shall be chief executive officer
  2. shall preside at all meetings
  3. shall issue the call for all meetings and shall prepare the agenda for such meetings.
  4. shall call for regular reports
  5. shall oversee elections
  6. shall exercise the power and authority of the executive in the case of an emergency; all such decisions shall be reviewed at the next Executive Meeting or by phone.
  7. shall vote only in the event of a tie and then shall cast the deciding vote.
  8. shall oversee the Grievance/Disciplinary Committee.


  1. shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of or at the request of the President.
  2. shall oversee the functioning of such committees as the executive may designate.
  3. shall act as WRAC Registrar - collect registration forms and monies from each team that is a member of WRAC and forward such to Ringette Calgary and Ringette Alberta as required.
  4. shall keep a membership list.

Referee Coordinator:

  1. shall record the minutes of all meetings.
  2. shall act as a liaison between WRAC teams and Ringette Calgary referee assignor.
  3. shall inform Ringette Calgary referee assignor of any issues that arise
  4. shall adjust referee billing discrepancy for all WRAC teams should they not be provided with a referee when scheduled
  5. shall distribute the resolutions of the Annual General Meeting to the members.
  6. shall maintain and keep custody of the records of WRAC.
  7. shall maintain team representative and executive list


  1. shall receive all monies and deposit them in the banking institution approved by the Executive.
  2. shall pay out monies only as approved by the Executive.
  3. shall pay by cheque countersigned by approved officers.
  4. shall report on the financial position at each meeting.
  5. shall prepare a budget for the association year.
  6. shall present a financial statement at the Annual General Meeting for the year ended.