I just want to remind everyone that agressive play and abuse of the refs will not be tolerated. We play in a recreational league and there is no need or place for this in our league. Please make an extra effort to keep the game fun for all the teams as well as the refs.

Also if there is an issue during the game you want to talk to the ref about it you must question the ref at that time not after the game. The refs are instructed not to talk to anyone after the game regarding the game itself or decisions made within the game so that nothing gets personal or out of hand.

If you have questions or concerns that you feel have not been answered during the course of the game please email them to Melissa our ref corridnator and she will seek further explaination. Please ensure that you pass this on to all your team members as well as any spares.


Sportsmanship Proposal

Purpose - Changes are required with in WRAC to address the level of aggressive and unsportsmanlike play displayed in past seasons. There have been an increase in injuries to players and officials refusing to officiate WRAC games. In the past, the Board has issued requests via emails to captains to police their own teams, as well, this topic has been discussed at numerous AGMs. None of these actions have improved the situation, and in fact, the situation has perhaps gotten worse. This document outlines a number of proposed solutions designed to formally deter unsportsmanlike behavior with in the league. Read More...